Super Marco May (IT)

A performance of Marco can hardly be called a dj set.
With an almost impossible level of enthusiasm he spreads his energy around the stage orchestrating his audience.
During his performance Marco uses a lot of classical music, making it an impressive and bombastic experience.
Hence his nickname; the conductor.

Thilo (NL)

Als we praten over ervaring hebben we het over Thilo. Deze Haagsche grootheid draait al vanaf 2001 en weet tot op de dag van vandaag de voetjes nog goed in beweging te krijgen. Het begon allemaal als resident in Club Alcatraz in Delft, waar hij zo nu en dan zijn favoriete muziekstijlen ten gehore kwam brengen.

DJ Pila (NL)

DJ Pila It figured that Rodney Pilapil would become a DJ and/or producer, being born into an entertainers-household where both his parents made a living out of ballet dancing and singing. After having wondered through Europe, the Pilapils settled in the Dutch village of Landsmeer, where Rodney was born.